Master Bedroom Makeover

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When the kids were toddlers they were fortunate enough to get a makeover for each of their rooms. And now that they are outgrowing the pink bows and bunnies era, they are getting a second makeover. We thought it was about time that the master bedroom was due for something more than the original plain walls that looked like it was just missing the padding for the full assylmn effect. I had been giving it some thought over the years and had a good idea what I wanted to do and it involved a lot of trim work and colors a little more bold then that builders off-white color that is so convienently the same color as drywall mud.

The old waterbed was bought with money from the wedding 15 years ago and the $150 dollar bed frame was literally falling apart. Although the paint sample was not the exact color we ended up going, it does give you a good idea of how much things were going to change.

The trim is being added. The raised panel wainscotting on the ceiling was conceived over time. I originally planned on lining the bottom of the vaulted ceiling with the crown molding with the intention of placing rope light in the crown molding to shine up sides of the vaulted ceiling. But low angle of the lighting upon the rough sand finished ceiling just looked terrible as well as highlighted every irregularity in the drywall. Adding the raised panels now gave the rope light something interesting to shine on as well as added a variety in intersting highlights and shadow lines. I first added 1x6s across the sides of the ceiling nailing them into the studs in order to support the weight of the MDF raised panels.

The trim is all in place and painted white. The cornice trim around the top of the walls is molded foam. All the trim details necessitated spraying.

And now for the color. The dark red is absolutely striking against all the white trim. The rope light throws just the right amount of ambient light for reading by lamp light or watching TV.

The windows turned out so nice I was really debating whether I wanted to cover it up with drapes. The wife, however, had no problem making that decision for me.

Now if I could just find the amount of time the family's latest addition has for napping in the finished room. Obviously there is a reason it is called "a dog's life"!

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